Am I Addicted or a Hoarder?

Hello World,

I’m sitting here on the couch looking at a table filled with boxes of yarn.  Over the last few years, I would see something online that I wanted to make and would go out and grab all the materials to make it, BUT before I got around to making it… I would completely forget why I bought the stuff in the first place.  Ugh~

This is just a pretty picture I took of some clouds, I’m still learning my way around… so be patient with me.

So, the plan is to sort it all out (and I promise to add photo’s when I do) and see what all I actually have in my huge collection of fibers and frills.  I have a feeling that once I get started, it will surely be a little exciting because I really don’t remember half of the yarn I have.  It’ll be like Christmas when I take a look at all the gorgeous yarns in my collection!  

Oh, by the way, I didn’t mention the boxes in the closet filled with yarn did I?  Welp, there’s a bunch of boxes hidden away in the closet as well.  Yes, I really think I have a problem, but I promise not to buy any more until I make some items to sell this fall.  Anyhow… I”m going to close for now, but I’ll try to play around and learn my way around my blog and get some posts up about myself and of course, yarn.  Have a fantabulous day & See you soon!